Bicycle Room | Top of the Town

  • 91 apartments
  • 11 residential floors
  • 5 commercial lots
  • built 1966 as a motel
  • redeveloped into apartments 2003
  • ground floor level car stacker
  • lap pool (unheated)
  • gymnasium & sauna

Top of the Town provides space on level 2 for bicycles. It has also installed outlets to charge electric bikes.

Top of the Town doesn’t have a car park – only a car stacker - so a spare room on level 2 of the building has been set aside for bicycle parking. It currently houses 18 registered bicycles.

Spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

A Bicycle Registration Form must be submitted and approved first. A photo of the bicycle must accompany the registration form.

Residents are given a numbered tag to place under the seat while the bicycle is stored in the room.


The building manager conducts an annual audit to check for abandoned bicycles. The most recent audit identified two that didn’t belong to current residents. They were sold on Gumtree and the proceeds put towards the building’s Xmas party.



Top of the Town bicycle charging

Power outlet for electric bike charging

Power outlets were recently installed to allow charging for a growing number of electric bicycles.


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Mon 14/08/2017

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