Building Management System | Nexus

  • built in 2002/3
  • 11 levels of residential apartments (88 apartments)
  • 3 levels of commercial office/retail suites (14 suites)
  • 4 levels basement car parking
  • meeting room and gymnasium
  • two residential lifts run from the basement levels
  • one commercial lift runs for four levels
  • central solar hot water to individual units
  • water cooled air conditioning tower services apartments

The BMS provides internet access to monitor alarms, logs and reports.

Measure and monitor your progress

The building management system implemented in June 2009 allows internet access to monitor alarms, logs and reports including:

  • Status of variable speed drives
  • Inlet water pressure and temperature of air conditioning water tower
  • Car park carbon conoxide monitoring
  • Foyer, garbage room and bathroom central extractor fans systems
  • Fire services hydraulic pump sprinkler system

The installation included:

  • 2 x new variable speed drives on the water pumps for the air conditioning condenser unit which now operate on demand rather than 24 hours per day. 1 x variable speed drive had never worked. Even with this now operating, power consumption has fallen
  • Monitored variable speed drive on the air conditioning condenser fan
  • Carbon monoxide sensors in car parks to control exhaust fans rather than running them 24 hours per day

Cost: $65,000

Payback: <48 months

This is but one of several initiatives undertaken by Nexus over a 12-month period.

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Tue 29/11/2011

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