Communal Composting | Signature Apartments

Signature Apartments
  • 91 residential units
  • 8 commercial units
  • opened 2008
  • swimming pool
  • gymnasium
  • bike room
  • 2 common garden areas

The gardening group manages the communal compost bin to ensure that it's balanced and breaks down for use in the garden.

Case Study: Communal Composting

The team at Signature Apartments pays close attention to what works and what doesn't work to help more of their residents compost their organic waste.

Residents now deposit their green waste in the Little Green Food Scraps Bin. The gardening group collects those scraps and puts them in the compost, making sure the balance between carbon & nitrogen is observed so the compost can break down properly & there are no smells.

Presentation: Signature Apartments

Kevin Bathman's presentation at the City of Sydney's Smart Green Apartments forum on 24 November 2011

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Sun 05/08/2012

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