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Gordon Over-55's Complex
  • over 55’s complex
  • 17 units
  • all owner-occupied

A 17-unit over 55's complex replaced all its car park flourescent lights which ran 24 hours a day with LED lights with built in sensors to reduce its energy consumption and bills. The payback for the up front cost of the replacement was achieved in 1.5 years.

In May 2012, car park fluorescent lights running 24 hours a day were replaced by LED units with built-in sensors. The replacements were:

Existing Fluorescent Units

Replacement LED Units

27 x 72 watt units (24hrs/7days)

26 x 40 watt LED units with in-built sensors; anticipated to operate only 4hrs/day

 3 x 40 watt LED units operating  24hrs/7days

3 x 72 watt units including emergency back-up units (24hrs/7days)

3 x LED “Standalone” emergency back-up Spitfire units

The committee had initially considered fitting sensors to the exiting lights. However this was a costly option and most light fitting were near their use-by-date. The resultant energy consumption would also not have been as good as LED lights with built-in sensors.


LED light for car park

LED light for car park

After an AGM to approve the committee paid a site visit to one of the supplier’s recent installations and were impressed with what they saw. They then did a partial installation of the lights to evaluate them further. This trial was also successful and they proceeded with the full installation. All the work was completed within 5 months from the AGM.

The whole project was well received by all unit owners - the only negative would be not doing this installation earlier!!

Total Cost (including installation): $9,810 plus GST

Eligible for NSW Energy Saving Certificates, application underway

Payback: 1.5 years

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Mon 15/10/2012

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