Lighting & Solar Power | Dennington

  • 60 units
  • Mid-rise building with 48 units over 8 levels and an underground carpark
  • Low-rise building with 12 units over 3 levels and an underground carpark
  • Swimming pool with associated toilet and shower
  • Built in 1983

Replacing lighting in its car parks and installing solar panels on its rooftop saves the 60-lot complex over $8,000 per annum in power bills and many tonnes of CO2 pollution.

ClimateClever Apartments: Dennington Case Study

Dennington participated in Willoughby City Council's ClimateClever Apartments program. They replaced fluorescent tubes in the car parks and installed a 6.8 kW Solar Power System.

The following is extracted from a case study for Willoughby City Council’s ClimateClever Apartments program.

About Dennington

The facilities that contribute to common area energy and water consumption (and therefore the operating costs incurred by the owners corporation) include:

  • Lighting in corridors, fire stairs, car parks, function room, garbage bin room and outdoor areas
  • Lift in the mid rise tower
  • Swimming Pool and associated changing room with toilet and shower
  • Stormwater pump
  • Gardens and flower beds
  • Various electrical cupboards and plant rooms

ClimateClever Assessment Service Results

The electricity consumption within the common areas was 77,381 kWh per year.

  • The carbon footprint associated with electricity consumption was 82.8 tonnes of greenhouse gas per year, equivalent to 1,655,949 balloons of carbon pollution
  • Water consumption within the common areas was 11,495 kL of water, the equivalent of 4.6 standard Olympic sized swimming pools

The recommendations were:

  • Replacement of 45 x 36W fluorescent tubes running 24/7 in car parks with 15W LED tube
  • Installation of motion sensors on lights in lift operating 24/7
  • Installation of a rainwater tank to provide water to garden and pool top up etc
  • Installation of flow restrictors on common areas taps, showers etc
  • Installation of a Solar Power system to help offset common area operating costs and reduce carbon footprint

ClimateClever Co-Funded Sustainability Performance Improvements

Based on the results of the ClimateClever Common Area Energy and Water Assessment the owners corporation decided to implement:

  • The replacement of 57 x 36W fluorescent tubes in the car parks and other common areas with 15W LED tube; and
  • The installation of a 6.8 kW Solar Power System

Dennington applied to Willoughby City Council for a ClimateClever Apartments grant and was awarded a grant to co-fund these actions.

They will save around $8,000 each year once the initial investment is paid off by the savings made.

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Sun 24/01/2016

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