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Bayview Apartments
  • 270 apartments
  • indoor heated pool

With lighting changes and installation of an automated swimming pool cover, Bayview Apartments in Port Melbourne, Victoria, more than halved their building's total energy consumption between 2007 and 2011.


Bayview Apartments energy graph

Energy Consumption comparison between 2007 and 2011

Between 2007 and 2011 Bayview Apartments has reduced its total energy consumption by 53%. This has not only reduced running and maintenance costs substantially, but is avoiding 920 tonnes of carbon pollution each year. The common area electricity bills of $12,000 per month have been reduced to $6,000 per month.

The range of measures included:

  • LED lighting upgrades
  • delamping
  • cut-out timers on some lit areas
  • automatic pool cover, tied to the security system


Swipe to close pool cover

Swipe to close pool cover


Automated pool cover

Automated pool cover

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Sun 24/01/2016

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