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  • built in 2002/3
  • 11 levels of residential apartments (88 apartments)
  • 3 levels of commercial office/retail suites (14 suites)
  • 4 levels basement car parking
  • meeting room and gymnasium
  • two residential lifts run from the basement levels
  • one commercial lift runs for four levels
  • central solar hot water to individual units
  • water cooled air conditioning tower services apartments

 Power Factor Correction units are valuable equpment additions that store and provide ready "start-up" power requred by lifts, fans and pumps, delivering saving on elecricity bills. Nexus installed such a unit and enjoys ongoing savings as a result.


Power Factor Correction Unit

Power Factor Correction Unit

2 x Residential Lifts and fluorescent utility lighting operating as “inductive loads” with a resultant power factor in the order of 0.72 - this is bad!

A 75 KVAr Power Factor Correction (PFC) unit was installed to correct the load. This resulted in a power factor of approximately 0.99 - this is really good!

Daily demand reduced by approximately 25%, with an immediate reduction in electricity costs of approximately $2,000 per year

Cost: $4,000

Payback: 24 months

This is but one of several initiatives undertaken by Nexus over a 12-month period.


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Mon 25/01/2016

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