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The Princeton
  • 128 apartments
  • 28 storeys
  • pool, spa, sauna
  • gymnasium
  • tennis court
  • barbeque

The Princeton redesigned its garbage room, dedicating bins to segregate recycling

The Princeton participated in the City of Port Phillip’s SOCS (Sustainable Owners Corporations) and Blocks Program, targeting improved environmental management in high rise apartments.

Waste is one area successully tackled.

“There are bins for rubbish, paper and cardboard, general recycling, corks, batteries, print cartridges, mobile phones, cards and charity bins. The content of all these bins would have gone into the rubbish if they had not been there, and we would have to pay for it to be taken away. The two most successful of these are the general recycling and the charity bins. The amount of clothing that used to get thrown in the rubbish was amazing - when moving it is easier and quicker to throw it in the rubbish rather than taking it down to the nearest charity. So if you haven’t got charity bins that would be a good place to start. We fill two charity bins every week”.


Recycling Room at The Princeton

Dedicated bins to segregate recycling


Recycling Room at The Princeton

General recycling bins


Source: Facilities Management Good Practice Guide, Multi-unit Residential

Photos: The Princeton

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Mon 17/09/2012

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