Water Consumption | Miramar Apartments

Miramar Apartments
  • 38 storey Sydney CBD residential building
  • 267 apartments
  • 25-meter heated indoor pool
  • heated spa
  • gym & sauna
  • indoor squash court
  • golf driving-range
  • table tennis and pool table
  • BBQ facilities
  • seating on the large outdoor podium with seating
  • multi-function amenities room for meetings

Water can be considered another form of energy, especially considering the pumping of mains water to buildings and then up and down high-rise apartment buildings. Reducing water wastage by fixing leaks and replacing inefficient fittings saves a lost of energy and money, as demonstrated by Mirimar's experience.

A water efficiency audit by Sydney Water identified the greatest potential for water savings was in the individual apartments.

A number of apartments had major water leaks and most tap fittings and showerheads were inefficient.

Sydney Water’s WaterFix® service was undertaken in all apartments. Once complete the savings achieved were:

  •  58kL/day, a 21% drop in historic water use
  • $49,000 a year on cold water savings
  • 27 kL/day in hot water, with related electricity and gas savings
  • $15,000 a year on energy savings on water efficiency alone
  • 36 tonnes of CO2 a year in energy savings from reduced hot water use
  • Cost: approx $7,000
  • Payback period: less than 2 months
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Mon 25/01/2016

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