Water Usage Calculator

Use this form to calcuate how your building's water consumption compares to the benchmark:


Water Consumption Benchmark Table

Water consumption benchmark table

The information you’ll need to proceed is:

  • The total number of bedrooms in your strata plan. If you can’t work this out easily, check your building’s plans.
  • The last 4 quarterly water consumption bills your strata scheme received from your water utility. These will give you the number of kilolitres (kLs) used each quarter and the number of days the bill covers. For example, on Sydney Water's invoices, this information is on the 2nd page:


Example Water Bill

Example Sydney Water bill data

NOTE: You really need data for a full year to cater for seasonal variations.


 Kilolitres usedNumber of days
Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4

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