energy rating label

Use the Energy Rating Label to choose a more efficient appliance.

Energy Rating Labels are on all televisions, computer monitors, air conditioners, clothes dryers, dishwashers, washing machines, fridges and freezers.

There are two label styles: the normal 6-star label and the 10-star label for appliances rated as 7 stars and higher.


Energy Rating 6-star fridge label

Energy Rating 6-star fridge label


Energy Rating 10-star fridge label

Energy Rating 10-star fridge label

The star rating gives a quick assessment of the model's energy efficiency. The more stars, the more efficient the appliance is compared to other models in its category.

The energy consumption figure shows an estimate of how much energy the appliance uses each year. The lower the figure, the greater the savings.

You can use the Energy Rating website to compare the energy-efficiency of electrical appliances and televisions.

Download the Energy Rating App to find the running costs of appliances on the go or in store.

Keep in mind that televisions should be compared against models of equivalent screen size and appliances are rated against models with similar features such as size, volume and capacity.

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