Avoid creating waste


Take steps to avoid creating waste in the first place:

  • Ask yourself before buying anything: “Do I really need this?”
  • Place a “No Junk Mail” or “No Advertising Material” sticker on your letter box. The stickers are available free of charge from the Distribution Standards Board. Call 1800 676 136 for more information.
  • Reduce the amount of packaged food you buy – adopt a ‘nude food’ approach e.g. choose loose fruit and vegetables over heavy packaging
  • Select items with the least packaging or that require the fewest resources to produce
  • Buy in bulk
  • Shop with reusable bags and refuse new plastic bags
  • Use re-usable products instead of disposable, one-use products such as plastic cutlery, paper plates & bottled water
  • Buy products that are recycled, recyclable, repairable, refillable, re-usable or biodegradable
  • Take food to work in containers, rather than in plastic wrapping or other disposable packaging
  • Register to stop receiving White or Yellow Pages
Last Updated: 
Fri 25/03/2016

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