Capture and/or re-use water

If you have the space, consider recycled water options particularly for garden irrigation and car washing.


  • Rainwater, stored in a rainwater tank, can be collected from all roof areas (including garages) and used for garden irrigation, car washing, and depending on accessibility, hot water, toilet flushing and laundries. There are a number of considerations for installing and using a rainwater tank
  • Untreated stormwater can used for garden irrigation, but should not be applied to edible plants
  • Treated stormwater can be used for garden irrigation, toilet flushing and cold water washing machine supply, providing it meets the requirements set by NSW Health.
  • Greywater, when used safely, can be used for watering lawns and gardens. The NSW Government and Sydney Water have detailed information and fact sheets on using greywater (see below)
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Tue 05/09/2017

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