Sydney Water WaterFix

Sydney Water’s new WaterFix® Program offers a range of services which include:

  • tap and toilet leak repairs
  • installation of water efficient showerheads and other water-efficient fittings
  • installation of 4-star, dual flush toilets.

This service is normally the responsibility of residents, since internal bathrooms and kitchens are not common property. However the vast majority of apartments do not have separate water meters and the owners corporation pays for every drop of water consumed in the scheme. So it makes a lot of sense for owners corporations to pay for this service in all apartments that have not yet been ‘WaterFixed’.

Sydney Water also offers discounts when 11 or more units are serviced in a day.

This is a simple yet significant initiative that will not only reduce water consumption in your building, but also give you recurring expense savings in your administrative fund every year – money which can be re-allocated to your sinking fund to offset the cost of more expensive sustainability projects.

Find out more about how your owners corporation can do this for your building

Last Updated: 
Mon 13/05/2013

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