WaterFix as an owners corporation initiative


Sydney Water’s WaterFix® service is normally the responsibility of residents, since internal bathrooms and kitchens are not common property. However, when the owners corporation pays for every drop of water consumed in the scheme – meaning that all owners pay for water based on their unit entitlement, irrespective of the actual water used by themselves or their tenants - it makes sense for owners corporations to pay for this service in all apartments to ensure water isn’t being wasted.


Sydney Water’s Waterfix® service has now been carefully adapted to suit apartment buildings. In addition to its primary focus on leak repairs, showers, taps and toilets, it now includes:

  • an efficient and accurate quotation process
  • turn-key project management
  • financing options

The amount of water consumed can also impact your consumption of energy. The greater the water demand, the greater the amount of energy that may be needed to pump it to where it's required.


The steps you need to take are:

  1. Get the commitment and approval of the owners corporation

    Because the service is performed inside apartments on personal property, and by default, the cost is the responsibility of the lot owner or tenant; you’ll need the owners corporation’s consent to use its funds to pay for the service.

    Include a motion on the agenda for your next General Meeting – either Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.

    An example of such a motion is:

    That the owners corporation pays for Sydney Water’s WaterFix® service to be undertaken in each lot, subject to the approval of the owner(s) of those lots. Some common myths and objections are easy to dispel.

    Some common myths and objections are easy to dispel.


  2. Contact Sydney Water and advise them you’d like to take advantage of the customised Waterfix® offering for apartment buildings


  3. Sydney Water will work with you to get it done – they’ve worked out how to make it easy for you


  4. Celebrate your lower water bills!


  5. Keep on top of future water consumption

    Leaks can develop at any time, any other problems can pop up – so make sure you continue to monitor and manage water consumption in the building

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Tue 05/09/2017

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